This was the final project for the Digital Design and Manufacturing-AENG473 course at the American University in Cairo.The course was led by Dr Ibrahim Abdelhady and Dr Passaint Massoud with tutoring support from Mohamed HassanOmar Samy Roshdy and Sherif Tarabishy.


Abdallah El Cherbini
AbdelRahman AbdelTawab
Abdullah Soffar
Ahmed El-Desouky
Ahmed Nour
Allaa Elamrousy
Aya Afify
Caroline Makary
Caroline El-Sibai
Dina El Husseiny
Ghada Ismail
Hania Ghazal
Hemmat Fouad
Mai Mohamed
Mariam Abdel Dayem
Mariam Amer
Marwan Mostafa
Nada Osman
Nadin Mahgoub
Nadine Mekawy
Noha Eissa
Nouran El Begermy
Nouran Mostafa
Nourhan Mohamed
Omar Abdel Kader
Omar Al-Qathab
Omar Othman
Rana El Badawy
Rana Soliman
Saleh Amina
Samar Samir
Sara Wissa
Serageldin Elshatty
Tarek Amr
Toya Afify

 — at AUC The American University in Cairo.



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